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September 29, 2022

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What's the BIGGEST goal that you must achieve this year?

What's the BIGGEST problem in your life that if it were solved would have the BIGGEST impact on your life?

What if you could SOLVE that problem and ACHIEVE that goal in 8 short weeks?


Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel (aka, Stéph & Shay) are the authors of the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, Master Your Mindpower.

They are committed to helping business leaders, high performers, and coaches increase their resilience, focus, and success through their Mindpower Breakthrough™ program so they massively increase their results and make a positive impact on the world.

They are the authority figures on the topics of Mindpower, Mental Toughness, and Emotional Resilience. Get ready to join the select few who choose to Be Resilient!


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1. Six Online Video Modules

from Stéph & Shay released weekly so you can learn wherever you want and at your own pace. 

2. Weekly Assigned Homework

that you will submit so that our Mindpower Coaches can give you personal feedback and suggestions on what to adjust and implement to achieve your desired outcome. 
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3. Weekly Live Mentor Sessions with Stéph & Shay

and all participants in your breakthrough tribe. You’ll be able to learn from them and also create a like-minded community. 

4. Three Private Sessions

with a Mindpower Coach. This private coaching will help you excel even further as you'll have the opportunity to discuss your goals and outcome with your dedicated Mindpower Coach.

5. Mindpower Breakthrough™️ Welcome Package:

We ship you a boxset of physical training materials to provide the ultimate learning experience & breakthrough.


WEEK 1: Mindpower Coaching Mindsets: Learn how your thinking determines your results. Experience a mindset reset. This module will prime your mind for the Mindpower Breakthrough™ you are about to experience and for your future success.

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WEEK 2: Align your Principles, Passion & Purpose (3 Ps): Laying the foundation for a mindpowered life. Get ready to experience a macro "flow state" every day, maximize your clarity, and experience internal alignment.

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WEEK 3: Discover Your Running Parachutes: Understand your mental and emotional barriers - everything that is limiting you. All of them! Discover all of your unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

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WEEK 4: Disconnect Your Running Parachutes: Let go of everything holding you back from creating greatness and success. Release all negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your past. Get ready to achieve all of your goals in less time and with less energy after completing this module. 

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WEEK 5: Mindpowered Planning & Productivity: Get ready to 10X your productivity and results by learning the most innovative effectiveness & efficiency tools used today. You will experience a highly productive "flow state" (being "in the zone") every single day. You will learn how to get more done in less time so you can have more free time for yourself and be able to do more of the things you want to do. 

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WEEK 6: Mindpowered Goal Achievement & Action: Learn the real psychology of goal achievement and manifestation. Learn how to turn your dreams into a reality. Get ready to learn how to take massive action so you can outlast and outperform your rivals and dominate your marketplace. 

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As the age-old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder.”

Mindpower Breakthrough™ is an investment that will repay itself many times over. 
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“Stéph & Shay changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my health and much more. Everyone should be talking to them as our world would be a better place."

-Luisa Hough

"Life-changing, goal achieving, amazing!!! Loved every second of it!!!! Best coaches ever. Their energy and skills are one of a kind. Highly recommend!!!"

-Samantha Pillon

“Within 6 weeks of coaching my sales increased by 10 times what I would normally do! They are the absolute best there is!”

—Heather Rodriguez

“The experience that Success Training Co. provides must be one of the most high-quality ones I've ever received.”

—Max Cordero

“We live in a world where, when so many write, "I'm for you," they really mean, "I'm for making money off of you, whether you grow or not." In that world, those who genuinely mean, "I'm for YOU!" shine like a big gold nugget in a mountain stream. Shay and Steph are those shiny gold nuggets. If you're looking to turn your life around, or, just get a few degree correction, these two will help you reset your compass with love, dignity, care, and dead-on honesty.”

—John LaMunyon

“If you want to maximize your potential and create a pathway to achieving your greatest goals in life, Stéph & Shay is where you need to be. Listen to the reviews, digest their new bestselling book, or watch their free weekly videos… and you will find that Stéph & Shay are phenomenal at what they do!”

—A.J. Adams

“From the very beginning, I was very impressed with their knowledge of the material and blown away by their passion for the things they were teaching and the level of care they had for each student there. It went far beyond teaching the material.  They very clearly cared about each one of us in the class.”

—Paul McKee

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“The most powerful question that an individual can ask themselves whenever they're in a rut or they're focusing on what they don't want is: ‘What do I want instead?’”
—Stéph & Shay

Stéph & Shay personally guarantee your success!

If halfway through the program you cannot see how Mindpower Breakthrough™️ will make you at least 3X more valuable as an income generator for your family, 3X more resilient, and 3X more productive, Stéph & Shay will reimburse 100% of your enrollment fee.

Yes, all of it. No problem.

Stéph & Shay personally guarantee your success!

If halfway through the program you cannot see how Mindpower Breakthrough™️ will make you at least 3X more valuable as an income generator for your family, 3X more resilient, and 3X more productive, Stéph & Shay will reimburse 100% of your enrollment fee.

Yes, all of it. No problem.

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What is Mindpower Breakthrough™?
Mindpower Breakthrough™ is a coaching experience that Stéph & Shay have designed for clients that want the private Mindpower Coaching offered by Stéph & Shay, yet also enjoy the community-feel of being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Why should I take Mindpower Breakthrough™?
Mindpower Breakthrough™ is for you if you are ready to level-up in your life or business and you’re an individual who learns from watching others have breakthroughs as well as sharing your experience with your fellow attendees.
* Please be aware—lifelong friendships are typically formed from our coaching experiences.

What will I get out of Mindpower Breakthrough™?
The coaching experience will allow you to experience the same results as private coaching with Stéph & Shay, but for a fraction of the price and the opportunity to build connections with individuals that have the same mindset—wanting to grow and thrive and making a conscious effort to do so.

Our team will help you:

  • Align your 3Ps - Principles, Passion, and Purpose so you can experience flow state daily
  • Learn how your thinking determines your results and how to reign in your focus
  • Discover your running parachutes & understand the mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back
  • Breakthrough emotional blocks and build ultimate mental toughness
  • Determine the CORRECT strategies and habits you need to launch yourself into greatness
  • Implement the research-backed habits to help you increase your confidence and your success
  • 10X your productivity and self-discipline
  • Multiply your motivation; and
  • Build enduring relationships with like-minded individuals

How does Mindpower Breakthrough™ work?
Mindpower Breakthrough™ is a coaching experience that includes six online modules, weekly homework assignments reviewed personally by our expert Mindpower Coaches with personal feedback, weekly Live Mentor Sessions, and three private sessions with your dedicated Mindpower Coach from the team of coaches Stéph & Shay.

How much does Mindpower Breakthrough™ cost?
Clients pay $90,000 a year to work with Stéph & Shay individually. But now, you get Stéph & Shay as YOUR virtual coach in Mindpower Breakthrough™ for $7,500—a fraction of private coaching but with the same results. And if you're fortunate enough to get the scholarship, it's only a $3,750 investment!

Today, you get to choose to work with Stéph & Shay, who have impacted millions of people, trained massively successful CEOs, and entrepreneurs and have been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, USA TODAY, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and have become world-renowned coaches.

A smart investment now will save you years of hard-learned lessons later, and fast-track your path to success.

If you're ready to invest now in your Mindpower, use the button below to secure your spot!

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